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We invite you to partner with us to help the Amazon rainforest survive and thrive, advance research in the human microbiome and global health, and Yanomami programs that preserve their environment and sustainable lifestyles.


Indigenous communities possess an unparalleled set of knowledge and understanding of medicinal plants and the natural world. Their spirituality is intimately intertwined with the ecosystem as they invoke ancient methods to heal the sick.


However, as more communities integrate with their national society, they confront novel challenges such as introduced diseases, public health concerns on hygiene and sanitation, and navigating the intersection of biomedicine and traditional healing.


Intercultural Education

Article 14 of the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples states that “Indigenous peoples have the right to establish and control their educational systems and institutions providing education in their own languages, in a manner appropriate to their cultural methods of teaching and learning.”


The Good Project supports existing programs that provide intercultural and bilingual education for indigenous communities.


Indigenous peoples have an unparalleled understanding of their natural world. We have much to gain from learning, studying, and listening to their ancient wisdoms.

Advancing scientific research while preserving ancestral knowledge and culture is critical in the Good Project's holistic approach to understanding our diverse humanity and ecosystems.

Raising Awareness

The Good Project participates in intercultural programs in schools and communities worldwide to promote the importance of studying indigenous cultures.

The more we get to know the world's diverse cultures, the more connected we are in the joint effort to protect our planet and secure a safe future for our children - from the rain forests, to urban cities, deserts, and tundras. 

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